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Chapter 1

Alright, since everyone is writing their blogs in German, I decided to be a bit revolutionary and start in English.

At the beginning of this week I told myself  that posting my first entry on Sunday would be totally fine because I didn’t expect that much to happen during the first days. BUT I was wrong. Meeting a billion new people, walking through the university buildings like a little kid in a candy store, trying so hard to choose the right classes for the first semester – I could go on for hours, honestly!

Okay, but let’s start from the beginning.

It was in the middle of September when I was accepted at the university here in Oldenburg. I was sitting in Gig Harbor, Washington State, USA, checking my e-mail account and immediately started to bounce off the walls as soon as I realised “You are going to study in Oldenburg.” I had applied for German and English language and literature studies because I’m more than a language freak and those two has always interested me the most.

Anyway, my biggest challenge was to start planning this new chapter of my life from the other side of the world. I had a flight ticket back to Germany for Monday, October 4th – way too late to find an apartment without major problems. I’m originally from the Lübeck area, near Hamburg, so basically I had to get a roof over my head within two weeks; after one million other prospective students had raided the housing market :)
Thanks to a really supportive realtor, I did  find a wonderful place in one of Oldenburg’s outskirts called Bümmerstede. An apartment I fell in love with right from the beginning.
To all the critics of you: YES, I know it is quite far away from the university but that way I don’t have any excuses NOT to use my bike ^^

What else was on the <To Do List> ?

- Applying for federal student support (also known as BaföG ;) )
- Of course, becoming a member of numerous studivz-groups like “Erstsemester Oldenburg 2010/2011″
- Getting mentally prepared engage brain soon
And many other things.

One thing I have to say, the English departement’s student representatives (Fachschaft) helped me a lot with setting up my schedule, choosing the classes and answering my gazillion questions! Even when I was still in the States, I could always send e-mails back and forth; within a few hours I got an answer from Anna-Lena, one of the representatives.  Without her I wouldn’t have been that relaxed.

— Thank you again, Anna-Lena  (This time I didn’t forget the hyphen ;) )  —-

What was the next big event?
Oh yes, the orientation week. Every day we could go to different information classes and presentations. In my opinion, it was a great opportunity to meet new people and get a good impression of what is going to happen during the next few years.

(Woooo – that sounded so student-like :) )

In order to prevent you from getting really annoyed by my never ending article tonight, I’ll summarise the rest (which I should be able to do since I was attending the English LK  :D )

- I met many many new people during the first week – four of them have already become very special to me. (Theresa, Tim, Stephan and Urte, right buddies?)
- The Ersti-Party on Wednesday was a blast! Very well organised, great music, perfect atmosphere
- Finally (I think) I did manage to complete my schedule for the first semester
- I haven’t met a SINGLE person in the English class who is not funny or likable
- The jury is still out on the  German class  ;)
- Stephan and I have already decided to marry one of the professors – dream on, we’re not going to tell you who it is. You can guess if you want ^^
- And last but not least, I have been trying to get organised in my new apartment where I moved in yesterday. It is a loooong procedure, folks!

Tomorrow will be the first “real” day of being a student at the university in Oldenburg, so be prepared for another interesting blog entry soon!

I definitely need some sleep now, beauty sleep that is.

Nighty night everyone,


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