Julia AlbrechtJulia Albrecht  |  27. Oktober 2010, 00:47

Chapter 2 – short update

Hello fans!

As you may have noticed – I’m kind of a night owl so once again it is in the middle of the night and little Julia has just decided to tell the world what’s been happening during the past two days :)

To be honest, everything is moving really slow for me at the moment and I’m not quite sure yet what my first impressions of the lectures and tutorials are. Yesterday, everyone was excited about finally experiencing the first lectures – not me. I only have one German tutorial on Monday and since the lecture has not started yet, there was no tutorial either. *sigh* In order not to feel isolated I hopped on my bike in the morning and tried to find my way to the university. (Do I need to mention that I pretty much got lost twice – especially when it began to rain and my hood precluded me from finding the right path? Okay, that is another story. And no, I don’t want to complain. It was a huge adventure, challenging and fun. ;) A person that is very important to me always says: “When the shit hits the fan.” – That’s exactly how I felt :D   )
At 11.45am we had an appointment with Manuel Siebert – the creative guy who started this entire blog-project! It was time to take some pictures of us, the bloggers, and you will see us in the next issue of our university newspaper. PAGE 6! Autographs will be signed on Monday 11.45-12.15pm, Tuesday 9.45-10.15am and Wednesday 11.45-12.15pm :)

Okay, I digress.

So yesterday was a bit boring for me – probably the calm before the storm.

I have to admit that even today I expected more to happen, even though I really enjoyed the linguistics lecture with Prof. Hamann. I don’t really know how to find the right words for what I’m trying to say but I guess as usually, I’m just too impatient and would love to write my bachelor paper right away. :D

My mom would say now: “Give it some time, Julia! You should be happy about not already being stressed out on the second day of the semester!” … And she would be right.

Anyway, I got to meet some more new people today which is more than a good balance and I’m looking forward to the next days. Especially tomorrow because I will have two English lectures that I’m more than excited about!

Have a great night out there,

hope you’re enjoying reading my crazy little blog.

P.s: Oh, I did forget to mention this: ALWAYS try to avoid taking the bus at 8am when it’s raining and basically every rugrat (or school kid) is making sure that the buses are more than crowded! It was a nightmare, believe me :D

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