Julia AlbrechtJulia Albrecht  |  21. November 2010, 09:56

Chapter 3 … finally ^^

Okay people, it’s finally time for another update. I’m assuming you have all been waiting for it for too long now.

First of all, I have to apologize. When I started reading other blogs a couple of months ago and saw that it sometimes took the authors a certain period of time to write the next entry, I was getting a bit disappointed. I couldn’t understand why it was that hard to just write once or twice a week. DUUUH!

Big mistake, Julia!
I’ve been in Oldenburg for 5 weeks now, 4 weeks of university, and I wish each day had additional 12 hours or something! Honestly. You sleep, eat, take a shower, study, work, study, work, and have a little bathroom-break every now and then, sleep, eat, study and work. Did I mention studying and working, by the way? ^^ To all the students that need to have a job in order to survive in this mean world:  I’m suffering with you guys!

Just so the others know what I’m talking about here and since I think it is a topic that is worth talking about: I started working at two different places – Metro (wholesale like Costco in the states) and BTB (Sports club – I’m teaching two dance classes for kids and teenagers). Both jobs are fun and I’m not complaining about the jobs themselves, but it really takes away a lot of time; time one might need to get some work done such as completing assignments for cultural studies or linguistics ;)

However, I’m probably still in the process of getting used to my new and stressful schedule. So what I’m basically trying to say is: Do not get mad at me. I am giving my best to write my little stories more frequently! :D

I know you’re all getting up in the morning asking whether I have finally added another update on here ;)

What else is new?
German classes are beginning to be more fun each week; I really enjoy topics like phonology. Who would have guessed that the human mouth is so complex?!

Now on to a more serious topic and I’m still not quite sure whether I should start this argument or just keep it to myself. Since I’m not that kind of person I will probably write down a short summary of what is going on in that little blonde head of mine.
Among the variety of English teachers and professors at our university I noticed that not all of them can actually speak English that fluently, although they are experts in the language itself. In my humble opinion – which other students do share by the way – both the pronunciation and feeling for the language was expected to be better. This is not about insulting any teacher but just a short comment on what came into my mind during some of the lectures and seminars. Knowing grammatic rules and scientific expressions is one thing – being able to live and feel the language is something else. That is my belief.
I have talked to some other students who have been abroad already and they basically had the same impression.

How is a student studying English supposed to adopt the language or become familiar with several important topics if the language being spoken during class is not nearly where it could and should be? Again, I would emphasize that I’m not criticizing the lecturers and tutors.  It is a matter of living the language. I’m not trying to change the world but my gut feeling was telling me to at least spread my thoughts once. Done. Moving to the next thing :)

Apart from the serious things I needed to say, finding friends and getting to know nice people is really easy here in Oldenburg. You see new faces everywhere and yet you meet people you know on campus all the time. That is definitely a big advantage of a university this size! I love the university here, I needed to say that, too!

Alright, people out there.

I really need to get busy with catching up the lecture content of last week. It hasn’t completely arrived in Julia’s brain yet – especially MORPHOLOGY!!! AAAAH, I need a dictionary to find out what that word means! :D

Hope you have a great Sunday, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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  1. Elisabeth Schindler (Ersti 2010)

    “You sleep, eat, take a shower, study, work, study, work, and have a little bathroom-break every now and then, sleep, eat, study and work. Did I mention studying and working, by the way? [...] Both jobs are fun [...], but it really takes away a lot of time”

    I’m one of the lucky who’d take a job for additional comfort but don’t need it in order to survive. But concerning finance/job it’s also a matter of what you think you really need. I little extra money here and there for cultural activities or a weekend trip out of town is a perfect thing and should’t be easily excluded (we’re just not like machines! :D ), yet apart from these things I noticed how little budget I need to cover my day. Thank god I’m not crazy about shoes, ehehe… :D

    Just wanna say, after reading that lines: Don’t overload your back with duties, no matter how important the finance might be. These fat schedules are an even fun challenge at the beginning, but if lose yourself in it, you’ll quickly… well yeah, you will lose yourself in a hamster wheel. We’re humans, we need challenge as we need active recreation. It’s greasing the brain/mind/soul engine, brumm bumm… ;)

  2. Alex Wolf

    Just want to thank you for your blog! :)
    I want to study the english language on teacher … start Oct 2011… and I enjoy reading your entries! :)