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*drum roll* … Chapter 4 :)

Good morning my dear fellows!

I just started writing this article, finished the first sentence and realized that I was basically writing one of the typical “diary-like”- entries. So I deleted it and started again ^^ I mean, I don’t want to destroy my image of being a bit different, right? ;)


Let me sum up what has happened this week so you get a quick overview and then we get to some more interesting aspects of a student’s regular week at college:

(Since I’m not writing a scientific essay here, there will not be a chronological order of the events. Neither will you find a bibliography LOL (Research Methods-class members will understand this ;) ) )

  • Once again I realized that it is the most wonderful thing to have friends in classes. Friends who support you, whom you support and share your thoughts with. I met my better half Theresa only 7 weeks ago and yet it feels like we’ve been friends for years. Pretty much always thinking the same, looking at each other and knowing what the other one has in mind. (Yes, I can get sentimental every now and then and  I don’t think there is anything wrong about it ^^ )
  • Integrated Language Studies with Robert Mc Laughlin is one of my favorite classes since we really get to practice our English and are supposed to experience some creative writing each week. We did a speed reading test this week which was more than fun – it wasn’t graded, yet we were all excited and nervous. Why? :D
  • More rumors about a significant number of students not passing the literature exam (in German) were going around. Folks? I have faith in us – we’ll pass it!
  • We are getting to the end of the “Mediävistik”-part (Julia is too lazy to look it up in the dictionary :D ). I do like the content and think it can be interesting, but during the lectures I have the feeling of sitting in a big church listening to a priest. A no-go for me ^^ In my opinion, it is not necessary to focus on the religion issues that much. But I will survive it ;)

Apart from the days being too short again, it was a great week: a lot of laughing, talking, studying, working and enjoying life. Except for the freezing temperatures of course…I will not get too much into detail here. I’m looking out of my window at the moment and the sunshine glancing on the white, fresh snow is more than beautiful. That’s how I like the winter…but not being blown away by an icy wind (*knocking on wood*).

Anyway  :)

Actually I was going to write some more things. I think I will have to postpone that – not if someone wants to take care of my household of course :D

BUT: There is something new I want to start here: I’m writing down all kinds of funny sentences students and professors say during classes or lectures. No, nothing to really embarrass someone! But it is interesting how much weird things we express if we’re not paying attention!
So every week I would like to put up my favorite funny sentence on this blog. Hope you don’t mind ;)

Let’s start with a linguistic lecture two weeks ago. The professor was talking about different forms of the verb “to bake”…
Stephan, a friend of mine, added (of course whispering): “And don’t forget the ASS-BAKE!”

Did you get it?  I think it was funny. ^^

Enough for today! Have a wonderful weekend, guys!

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  1. Urte

    Yay, finally you’re writing quite frequently. I love your blog. :)

    I have another sentence, my favourite lecturer said lately: (We were talking about analysing poetry) “Don’t get carried away with too much thoughts, otherwise it could be a… Hirnfick.” I literally laughed my ass off.

    Hugs&Kisses! <3

  2. Elisabeth Schindler (Ersti 2010)

    Back in school I used to collect quotes as well, especially while entcountering idioms: „Wie sagen wir da…? Den Eimer umkippen… äh nee… den Löffel abgeben!“


  3. Alex Wolf

    I can remember collecting quotes for our … “Abizeitung” a few month ago… More than funny ! :D

    Aerobic Muskelaufbau
    Lehrerin: “Und jetzt noch 10 Stück! 10, 9, 8… scheiße, was kommt nach 8 rückwärts?”

    Lehrer: “Ein zukunftssicherer Sozialstaat! Wie klingt das, Chistoph?”
    Christoph: ” Ja, ganz positiv, oder?”
    Lehrer: ” Positiv? TURBOGEIL klingt das!!!”

    Schülerin: “Warum lesen wir eigentlich immer nur Texte von Männern im Unterricht?”
    Lehrer: “Frauen denken komplizierter. Deswegen wollen wir sie im Unterricht nicht lesen”

    Lehrer: “Hallo Leute?! Terminator 3 ist ja wohl Grundwissen!”

    Ja ne, is kla :D

  4. Alex Wolf

    Question… Did you have to make the TOEFL? Or CAS?

  5. Ekimea Derick

    Hallo friends i’m glad to hear you do enjoy and have great at fun in oldenburg university.i love reading what’s written on your blogs.stay cool,bye.