Julia Albrecht Julia Albrecht  |  4. Dezember 2010

*drum roll* … Chapter 4 :)

Good morning my dear fellows!

I just started writing this article, finished the first sentence and realized that I was basically writing one of the typical “diary-like”- entries. So I deleted it and started again ^^ I mean, I don’t want to destroy my image of being a bit different, right? ;)


Let me sum up what has happened this week so you get a quick overview and then we get to some more interesting aspects of a student’s regular week at college:

(Since I’m not writing a scientific essay here, there will not be a chronological order of the … [» weiter lesen]

Julia Albrecht Julia Albrecht  |  21. November 2010

Chapter 3 … finally ^^

Okay people, it’s finally time for another update. I’m assuming you have all been waiting for it for too long now.

First of all, I have to apologize. When I started reading other blogs a couple of months ago and saw that it sometimes took the authors a certain period of time to write the next entry, I was getting a bit disappointed. I couldn’t understand why it was that hard to just write once or twice a week. DUUUH!

Big mistake, Julia!
I’ve been in Oldenburg for 5 weeks now, 4 weeks of university, and I wish each day … [» weiter lesen]

Julia Albrecht Julia Albrecht  |  27. Oktober 2010

Chapter 2 – short update

Hello fans!

As you may have noticed – I’m kind of a night owl so once again it is in the middle of the night and little Julia has just decided to tell the world what’s been happening during the past two days :)

To be honest, everything is moving really slow for me at the moment and I’m not quite sure yet what my first impressions of the lectures and tutorials are. Yesterday, everyone was excited about finally experiencing the first lectures – not me. I only have one German tutorial on Monday and since the lecture has not started … [» weiter lesen]

Julia Albrecht Julia Albrecht  |  25. Oktober 2010

Chapter 1

Alright, since everyone is writing their blogs in German, I decided to be a bit revolutionary and start in English.

At the beginning of this week I told myself  that posting my first entry on Sunday would be totally fine because I didn’t expect that much to happen during the first days. BUT I was wrong. Meeting a billion new people, walking through the university buildings like a little kid in a candy store, trying so hard to choose the right classes for the first semester – I could go on for hours, honestly!

Okay, but let’s start from the … [» weiter lesen]